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By George! is used to express surprise, mixed with admiration.

You may be surprised just how many famous Georges there are, and you may (or may not) be filled with admiration at their exploits.

How many of these Georges are you able to identify from the clues given below?

1.    Name the Irish dramatist, essayist and critic whose "Drama of Ideas" had an electrifying impact on 20th Century theatre.

2.   Born on 13 February 1934 in New York City, who was the American actor nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (1966)?

3.    Who was the Welsh judge and Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench from 1683, known as the "Hanging Judge" for his harshness?

4.    In 1929-30 at Georgetown when the West Indies gained their first cricket Test win over England, who was the West Indian batsman who scored a century in both innings?

5.    A prominent Quaker, who was the British businessman and social reformer who, with his brother Richard, was part-owner of the cocoa and chocolate firm that bears his name?

6.   Who, in January 1999, won a public apology and substantial undisclosed damages from Random House and author Jonathon Green, who claimed in his book "All Dressed Up: The Sixties and The Counter Culture", that he demanded sexual favours from a woman in return for a donation to charity?

7.    Name the Scottish Protestant preacher, schoolmaster and martyr, who fled to England and the continent of Europe in 1538, having been charged with heresy for teaching the Greek New Testament?

8.    An English politician and soldier, who, during the English Civil War, initially fought for the Royalists before being captured by Parliamentarians in 1644, and upon his release in 1646, changed sides and in 1652 completed the suppression of the Royalists in Scotland?

9.    Who was the British diplomat and spy for the Soviet Union who, having been sentenced to forty two years in prison in May 1961, escaped from Wormwood Scrubs prison in October 1966?

10.   Name the U.S. admiral whose victory over the Spanish fleet at Manila Bay on 1st May 1898 was not only decisive for the outcome of the Spanish-American war but also for the future of American imperialism in the Pacific.

11.   Known, together with his third wife, Tammy Wynette, as the "King and Queen of Country Music", who won a Grammy in 1980 for the song "He Stopped Loving Her Today"?

12.   Who was the English engraver and printer who invented a process of colour printing that made reproductions of paintings available on a mass scale?

13.   Appointed British Foreign Secretary in 1807, who ordered the destruction of the Danish fleet at the second battle of Copenhagen to prevent it falling into Napoleon's hands?

14.   What is the title of the play, written by Frank Marcus, which tells of an aging lesbian actress sacked from a long-running soap opera and who finds her life collapsing around her?

15.   Name the English labour leader who was General Secretary of the Trades Union Congress from 1960-69.

16.   Who was the British statesman who was Viceroy of India from 1899 to 1905?

17.   Which English poet's first published work, a collection of verse and prose, was called "A Hundreth sundrie Flowres" (1573)

18.   Known as the "The Prime Minister of Mirth", which English music-hall comedian was knighted in 1954?

19.   Brother-in-law of William Pitt the Elder, who was British Prime Minister from 1763 to 1765?

20.   Born on 22 May 1946, who was the Irish soccer player whose clubs included Manchester United, Fulham, Hibernian, and Tampa Bay Rowdies?

21.   Who was the English landscape and animal painter, whose first oil painting "A Hovel with Asses" was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1781?

22.   Name the English actress whose film credits include "Straw Dogs" (1971), "Spring and Port Wine" (1970) and "Mandingo" (1975).

23.   The son of an investment banker and US senator from Connecticut, who was the 41st president of the United States?

24.   Who was the British publisher of the first edition of "The Directory of National Biography"?

25.   Born in 1847, the son of a law reporter and entertainer, who, with his brother, Weedon, wrote "The Diary of a Nobody"?

26.   Which Dutch pop group had a top twenty hit in America in 1969 with the song "Little Green Bag"?

27.   Who was the actor, born 3 July 1906 in St Petersburg, Russia, who once said "I was beastly but I was never coarse. I was a high-class sort of cad"?

28.   Name the writer, born Eric Blair in India in 1903, who, from 1922 to 1928, served in Burma in the Indian Imperial Police.

29.   Which poet, in his "Outlandish Proverbs" (1640) wrote "Love and a cough cannot be hid"?

30.   Born in London in 1909 of Greek parentage, who was the musician who, during the Second World War, became Musical Director of the Army Radio Unit and later formed and conducted the British Band of the Allied Expeditionary Force?

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