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Charles Dickens' characters are some of the most memorable in fiction, often based on people whom he knew personally.

How many can you identify from the descriptions below?

We have "great expectations" of you in this round and we promise there's no "twist" in the tale!

(Many thanks to David for his assistance)


Dickens by Daniel Maclise-1839

1.   A messenger for Tellson's Bank who moonlights as a grave robber.

2.   A slightly mad old woman who is a regular attendant at the Court of Chancery expecting to receive a favourable judgement in a case that no-one is sure has ever existed.

3.   Daughter of the murdered Reuben and niece of Geoffrey, she eventually marries Edward Chester.

4.   Revealed to be Bounderby's loving mother, exposing his claim to be a "self-made man" who raised himself in the streets, to be a sham.

5.   The pompous auctioneer-turned-Mayor of Cloisterham, described as "the purest jackass in Cloisterham".

6.   Parish clerk and friend of the Gargerys who aspires to enter the church but instead becomes an actor with the stage name of Waldengarver.

7.   Friend and confidant of Dora Spenlow, and David Copperfield's go-between during his courtship with Dora, she later goes to live in India.

Samuel Pickwick

8.   Once a well-to-do gentleman who squandered his money, he is reduced to serving Ralph Nickleby as a clerk.

9.   Scrooge's former fiancée whom he had forgotten until reminded by the Ghost of Christmas Past.

10.  Landlord of the Maypole Inn and father of Joe.

11.  Clerk and rent collector for Mr. Caseby who assists in finding William Dorrit's fortune.

12.    Dick Swiveller's nickname for the Little Servant kept locked below stairs by the Brasses.

13.   The Bow Street Runner who, along with Duff, investigates the attempted robbery of the Maylie home.

14.     Walter Gay's uncle and owner of a ship's chandler shop called "The Wooden Midshipman" who, when Walter's ship is lost at sea, goes in search of him, leaving the care of the shop to his friend, Captain Cuttle.

Oliver Twist

15.   A retired navy man and friend of Canon Crisparkle who befriends Neville Landless in London and works with Hiram Grewgious and Crisparkle in protecting Neville from John Jasper.

16.   Pip's fellow student at Matthew Pocket's who marries Estella for her money and abuses her.

17.   Ostler at the Blue Dragon Inn who accompanies Martin Chuzzlewit to America and later marries Mrs. Lupin, the landlady of The Blue Dragon.

18.    Manager of a touring acting company who employs and befriends Nicholas Nickleby and Smike.

19.   A waterman, father of Lizzie, who plies the Thames looking for dead bodies and who finds a body thought to be John Harmon.

20.    The proprietor of a travelling waxwork who employs Little Nell and her grandfather, who schemes to steal from her in order to support a gambling habit.

21.    An executioner at Tyburn who becomes involved in the Gordon Riots and is executed.

Nancy, Oliver, and Sikes

22.   "An old Jewish man in an ancient coat, long of skirt and wide of pocket" who fronts Fledgeby's money-lending business.


23.    The father of Oliver Twist, whom he fathered out of wedlock with Agnes Fleming.

24.   Devoted admirer and assistant to Seth Pecksniff, a kindly sweet-tempered fellow completely blind to Pecksniff's hypocrisy, despite a multitude of evidence to the contrary.

25.    The son of the Marquis St. Evremonde who is tried for treason in London and is acquitted due to his resemblance to Sydney Carton.

26.    A young surgeon who falls in love with Esther Summerson before going away as a ship's doctor to India.

27.   Joe Gargery's journeyman blacksmith who quarrels with Mrs. Joe and later attacks her, leaving her with injuries of which she later dies.

28.    Mrs. Clennam's clerk to whom her son, Arthur, relinquishes his share of the family business.

29.   The sister of Paul Dombey Senior and friend to Lucretia Tox.

30.    The inventor of an unspecified mechanical wonder for which he is unable to obtain a patent in the Circumlocution Office: he later sells the invention abroad and returns to liberate Arthur Clennam from the Marshalsea.

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