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If this is your first visit to Quizzereena, or if you just want to refresh your mind on a few points as to how it is run, then please take a few moments to read the following.  

Each quiz will run for two calendar months, and the answers will appear when a new quiz is published. The current quiz, (No.12), will close on 31st March 2003. 

You may enter as many or as few categories as you wish, each one can be separately submitted.  Each category has its own 'scoreboard', (usually named with tongue-in-cheek!). These can be found by selecting "Hall of Fame" from the Home Page, then navigating to the appropriate scoreboard.  Scores are added after checking.  Your grand total is then posted on the Hall of Fame.

You are invited to enter your email address at the bottom of the form.  Please be assured that we do not pass this onto anyone else, neither do we send bulk emails. All communications to you will be personal.

If you wish to submit an incomplete entry on a particular subject, and then research for the remainder of your answers, you will be marked as if you have given a wrong answer for any questions not attempted.  You may then, at a later date during the run, submit the remaining answers, when your score will be amended accordingly.  

If you do not receive full marks you may change an answer at any time, and, if this is then correct, you will be awarded the point.  We will tell you which answers are not correct if you ask.

Scoring is as follows:

One point is awarded for each correct answer.  
There are thirty points available in each category.
If you decide not to enter one particular category, 
you will still be marked out of 150 at the end of the period.

The Roll of Honour is a continuously running scoreboard, starting when you join Quizzereena, incrementing with each Quiz, showing your score as a percentage of available points to date.  

Source material has been well researched and is as accurate as possible, but we cannot accept responsibility for any published information that transpires to be incorrect.

The main thing is that the site is here to entertain and educate.

If you would like to email us at, we would be pleased to hear from you.  We would also be happy to receive suggestions for possible categories in future quizzes.   

So browse through and Good Luck! 

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