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In the English language many words, although spelt the same, have more than one definition.  

In this round all you need to do is find the words defined by two of their different meanings.  For example:  "A chain by which a pocket watch is carried in a waistband pocket" or "To cheat, to impose upon"  - the answer would be "fob"


1.    "Any of several hypothetical particles thought to be the fundamental units of other subatomic particles" or "A low-fat soft cheese made from skimmed milk"

2.   "A subordinary or part of a shield enclosed by an arc from the upper corners to the base, and always borne in pairs" or "To slope inwards towards the top of a chimney"

3.    "The setting of a gem" or "Used to express sudden pain"

4.    "A chief officer or magistrate of a town or district, holding office, usually under the monarch, but sometimes by election" or "To pass the end of a rope or rod etc, through a ring or a hole in a block"

5.    "An imaginary being, a kind of misshapen sprite, dwarf or goblin, supposed to inhabit the interior of the earth, and to be the guardian of mines or quarries" or "A pithy saying expressing a general truth"

6.   "An insect of the order Coleoptera" or "A heavy wooden mallet for driving stones, stakes or tent-pegs into the ground"

7.    "Weak in character or resolution, liable to be led astray" or "A rush basket used for packing figs, etc."

8.    "A greyish-white metallic element of the platinum group" or "A defence or safeguard"

9.    "To avoid performing a duty or task etc" or "To split leather into thin layers"

10.   "A group of people, not related, living together and sharing property and responsibilities" or "Intimate conversation"

11.   "Such and no more" or "A lake or pool"

12.   "A wooden block shaped like a brick, built into a wall to take nails" or "A strong ale brewed in East Anglia, England"

13.   "Any object or thought" or "A Scandinavian public assembly, especially a legislative body"

14.   Any professional, technical or specialised language" or "A transparent, colourless or smoky variety of zircon found in Sri Lanka"

15.   "Of a dull brown or brownish-grey colour" or "To demand payment from with persistence"

16.   "An expectant desire" or "A small enclosed valley or the upper part of a dale"

17.   "The head of a foreign business in China" or "A large and extremely venomous Australian snake" 

18.   "Self-consciously teasing, roguish or mischievous" or "A curved structure arranged so that the parts support each other by mutual pressure"

19.   "To make foul or dirty" or "A long, narrow pass or passage as between hills"

20.   "A wood, grove or copse" or "The burrow of an animal especially an otter"

21.   "Low, flat and marshy land" or "A Chinese monetary unit worth one hundredth of a yuan"

22.   "A ridge of rock, coral, sand etc. in the sea at or near the surface of the water" or "Any of the horizontal portions across the top of a square sail or the bottom of a fore-and-aft sail, which can be rolled up or wrapped and secured in order to shorten the sail"

23.    "To cut off the top or extremities of a tree or a body etc." or "To hang down limply, to flop or droop"

24.   "An Indian copper coin worth one twelfth of an anna" or "A confused mass of printers' type"

25.   "A frame of wood or metal holding the glass of a window" or "An ornamental band or scarf worn round the waist or over the shoulder, frequently as a badge or part of a uniform"

26.   "A tax or duty on certain articles produced and consumed in a country" or "To cut out (part of a book or of the body)"

27.   "To implant firmly in the mind" or "A modifying element in the body of a word"

28.   "A money drawer in or on a counter" or "An unstratified clay containing boulder, pebbles, sand, etc. deposited by glaciers"

29.   "A stringed instrument with a pear-shaped body and a long fretted fingerboard" or "A composition of clay or cement used to secure the joints of vessels and tubes, or as a covering to protect crucibles, etc from fire"

30.   "A casual event" or "To cover over"

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