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Twins can be identical or not.  We guarantee no two questions in this category will be identical.

We trust you won't be suffering from double vision by the time you have completed this round.



1.   In astrology, what is the third sign of the zodiac, considered as governing the period c.21 May to c.21 June, and is represented by a set of twins?

2.   Name the American tennis player and coach, born on 8 September 1951, who had a successful career in doubles with his identical twin, Tom, but was better known for guiding the careers of other players, including Mary Joe Fernandez, Martina Navratilova and Pete Sampras

3.    Whose wife, who died on 6th August 1623 in Stratford-upon-Avon, gave birth to twins, Hamnet and Judith, in about 1585?

4.    In the 1988 film "Twins", who played the part of Arnold Schwarzenegger's less-than-perfect twin brother?

5.    Who, Count of Barcelona, reigned jointly with his twin brother, Berenguer Ramon II, from 1076 to 1082, when he was murdered, probably by his brother, who was thereafter nicknamed "The Fratricide"?

6.   Born on 4 October 1862 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, who was the American writer of popular juvenile fiction who produced, with others, such books as the "Hardy Boys" series, the "Bobbsey Twins" series and the "Nancy Drew" series?

7.    In Mesopotamian mythology, who are the male and female principles, the twin horizons of sky and earth? 

8.    Which city, seat of Hennepin county, together with St. Paul, forms the "Twin Cities" metropolitan area of Minnesota?

9.    Having adopted the surname Bunker upon U.S. naturalisation, who were the congenitally conjoined twins, born in May 1811 in Meklong, Siam, who, in 1843, married the sisters Adelaide and Sarah Yates? 

10.   Born into a family of Swiss scholars on 28 January 1884, what was the surname of the twin brothers, Auguste , notable for his exploration of both the upper stratosphere and the depths of the sea in ships of his own design, and Jean -Felix, who conducted stratospheric flights for the purpose of cosmic-ray research?

11.   Who was the British gangster, born on 24 October 1933, who, with his twin brother, Reggie, ruled the East End of London from 1957 until 1969, when they were convicted of murder and imprisoned for life?

12.   Name the American writer of children's books, best remembered for her "Twins" series of geographical and historical storybooks, the first of which was "The Dutch Twins" (1911).

13.   Who was the Soviet freestyle wrestler who won the bantamweight gold medal at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, and whose twin brother, Anatoly, won the flyweight gold medal at the same Games?

14.   Built to house which country's national petroleum company's headquarters, the Petronas Twin Towers, designed by the Argentine-born American architect, Cesar Pelli, were, upon their completion in 1996 declared the world's tallest building (if including their pinnacles and steel spires)?

15.   Released in May 1980 on their own independent Dirty Discs label, what was the title of The Thompson Twins' first single?

16.   In which 1961 Walt Disney film did Hayley Mills play the twin daughters, of separated parents, who are determined to bring the family together again?

17.   Winner of the Whitbread Literary Award, whose novel, "On the Black Hill" (1982), explores the lives of twin brothers on an isolated 20th-century Welsh farm?

18.   Born on 21 August 1928 in Council Buffs, Iowa, who was the jazz musician who moved to Los Angeles with his bass-playing twin brother, Addison, when they were sixteen years old, and who, in the early 1990s, played a self-designed instrument, the "flumpet", a cross between the flugelhorn and trumpet?

19.   In the Old Testament, who, the son of Isaac and Rebekah, sold his birthright to his younger twin brother, Jacob, for some red pottage (soup)?

20.   Who is Viola's good-hearted and kind, though somewhat immature twin brother in William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"?

21.   Left to die on Mount Cithaeron when they were children, who, in Greek mythology, were the twin sons of Zeus by Antiope?

22.   In which sporting event did Bill Sefton and Earle Meadows, nicknamed "The Heavenly Twins", set and equal respectively the world record on the same day in 1937?

23.   .    Name the actor, born on 7 August 1960 in New York City, who played the part of the transvestite detective Dennis/Denise in the cult television series "Twin Peaks".

24.   What was the surname of the American inventors, twin brothers, born on 1 June 1849 in Kingfield, Maine, who became the most famous manufacturers of steam-driven automobiles?

25.   In Celtic mythology, who was the sky goddess and symbol of fertility, who bore Gwydion twin sons; Dylan, a sea god, and Lleu Llaw Gyffes?

26.   Born on 14 November 1925 in Tbilisi, Georgia, who was the Soviet historian and dissident, whose identical twin brother, the biologist Zhores, won an international reputation for his work on protein biosynthesis and the physiology of the aging process?

27.   What was the name of Formula I racing driver Mario Andretti's twin brother who was severely injured in an accident and gave up racing in 1959?

28.   Name the American poet whose verses frequently reproduces incidents and fantasies from her own turbulent life, and whose collection "Coins & Coffins" (1962) contains the poem "Justice Is Reason Enough" about the suicide of an imaginary twin brother.

29.   Twin brothers Percival Harry and Ernest Henry were members of which family of Hollywood make-up artists credited with having introduced the art of make-up to the motion-picture?

30.   Who are the only non-identical twins, born on 2 June 1965 in Canterbury, New South Wales, to have scored a century in the same innings of a first-class cricket match?

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